Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 4 of CED 540

After a couple of weeks off, I realized that I was a little rusty. I must have let my mind slip deep into summer mode. We had to complete another guided practice worksheet, determine a possible job that might be created in the future, and complete the analysis of our survey.

My group struggled with the guided practice worksheet this week. We were having trouble utilizing the z-score in order to determine specific percentages of a population (not sure if I am accurately describing our issue). We hope to get clarification during tomorrow's class.

Our group did come up with a possible job that might exist in the future. After a little research, we liked the idea of a teleportation specialist. This person would be responsible for installing and maintaing teleportation devices for items and people. This would change the way that we travel and deliver goods. Kind of a crazy idea.

Lastly, our group analyzed the results of our summer barbecue survey. After obtaining responses, calculating the mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation, we determined that a summer barbecue should be held in a backyard and serve burgers and water. This was a fun project because it brought me back to my science roots and helped me prepare to head back to school this fall. I enjoyed analyzing the data and writing up a complete report.

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