Friday, January 20, 2012

CED 555 - Week 2

This week I needed to create a template of my Portfolio and I needed to create my Mission and Vision statement. These are the first steps towards the completion of my portfolio.

I chose to use Dr. Barbara Schroeder’s Technology Teaching Portfolio template to create my portfolio. I am modifying this template to meet the requirements of Cardinal Stritch. Utilizing this template will expedite the process of making each individual page and incorporating the navigation and site links. I hope to really personalize my portfolio as I plan to continue to utilize this as a way to showcase my experiences throughout my professional career.

At this point, I am not done with my Mission and Vision statement. The link is however connected to my google doc which will contain my completed mission and vision statement. You will also be able to view my completed mission and vision statement in my Portfolio.


  1. Carl, I like the idea of using the template you found for your portfolio. I took a look at it and everything is set up and you just plug in the information related to your experience. Very nice--I am going to have to revisit that!
    Good luck with your vision and mission statement. From what I have read in other blogs, most of us are having some trouble getting started. If you are looking for a strategy to develop a visiion statement, go to Crystal's blog and look at John's recommendation!

  2. Your site looks really nice – it is easy to move around and see what you have to offer. I think your template looks very clean and professional, so many of the portfolios we looked at were crowded and cluttered. I also like that you linked your site to Stritch and South Milwaukee. Good luck on finishing your vision and mission statements – this personally took me a while. I started mine by listing key ideas and phrases and then condense them into my mission and vision statement. I also found it helpful to look at examples of vision and mission statements. Good luck!

  3. The template you chose is very nice. It is very clean and straightforward. I attempted to use a different template that I had found and realized after I had completed my mission and vision statements as well as linking all of the NETS on the page that I could not edit all of the parts of the template. Have you found any issues such as those yet?

  4. I have to agree with Sue. I too like your portfolio and I might have to revisit Dr. Barbara Schroeder's Technology Teaching Portfolio. It looks straight forward and easy to navigate. I started mine from a blank template, so I might need to do some reexamining. It looks like you have a good start on your portfolio. Right now I'm thinking of using the NETS standards also.

  5. The Dr Schroeder template is awesome. What drew you to the NETS standards above all others?