Sunday, October 17, 2010

Computer history for Carl Bauhs

I can remember using computers all the way back to my elementary school days. I was fortunate enough to have access to an Apple IIGs in our home. The elementary school that I attended also had Apple computers and we would play games like "Oregon Trail" and "Number Munchers". The computer lab was primarily used for these type of interactive learning games. This definitely caught my attention and it did actually help motivate me to do better in my math classes (I didn't want to be the kid with the lowest score in number munchers). I also have fond memories of my cousin's IBM machine. We would spend hours playing "Kings Quest" which was a logic story type of a game.

As I got older the technology definitely changed. I remember when we got a new computer and a subscription to AOL. Our phone line was always busy as I was chatting with friends on the computer and sending emails. This allowed the computer to be used as a social tool and a research aide. Once we got rid of dial-up I remember becoming obsessed with Napster. This even got me to install my first CD-Burner.

When I look back and remember the "good old days" I have to laugh. I can now do more with my phone than I could have ever dreamed possible. The technology has changed so fast and has become so accessible that the possibilities seem endless. It has definitely simplified life and can be incorporated in everything that we do on a daily basis. Possibilities such as Pranav Mitry's "6th sense" (see earlier post) integrates technology seamlessly and makes information available to us at any moment. I can't imagine what the next generation will be experiencing.

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