Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I am Learning in CEDO 510 and How it Applies to My World

The class that I am currently taking at Cardinal Stritch is called Computer Systems: How they work. In this class we will discuss the history of the computer, the different components of computers, the role of an operating system, the various operating systems available, viruses, and what makes up an ideal computer.

The topics that we will discuss in this class apply to my life in various ways. Computers have become part of my daily life. I use them to socialize, research, collaborate, share, and organize. After learning more about computers and how they work, I will be able to make informed decisions about computers. I will be able to evaluate the various types of computers, components, and software that is available. I will be able to determine what computers offer the best option for my personal use.

This course will also help me protect my information and my computer. I will be able to learn how to prevent viruses and keep my computer secure. This will help ensure that I do not lose important personal information or affect the functionality of my computer.

This class should also help me increase the longevity of my computer. I will be able to keep my operating system running smoothly and I will be able to troubleshoot issues with the components inside my computer.

All of these topics will help protect my investment and make sure that I can maximize the use of my personal computer.


  1. Carl, I with you in feeling that this course will help me to make more informed decisions in my technology future. Can you apply any of this to what you do on a daily basis?

  2. With understanding comes some wisdom, you may find yourself a much better user and consumer of technology after this course.

  3. Carl---

    I liked the way you pointed out all of the personal benefits this class will provide. Often times people only focus on professional benefits, but with this class, I agree with you that it should help us in many areas. Have you been able to use any information from class to figure out what PC fits you best?