Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 4 of CED520

This week we looked at copyright law, fair use standards, creative commons, security of personal information, and children's internet safety. The lessons this week really informed me about the details of the copyright laws. I am much more knowledgeable and will now change the way that I obtain and share resources. This week also made me rethink all of the security concerns that can occur from using the internet. Most of all, I was reminded that we need to be able to guide children's internet use so that children remain safe. I have attached the links to the resources that I reviewed this week. Check it out and start making more informed choices. I know that I will now change the way that I interact on the web.

Copyright Law, Fair Use Standards, Creative Commons

Voicethread Copyright Quiz

YouTube Video

Creative Commons Liscening

More on creative commons

Even more on creative commons

An article about the person who created Creative Commons

Security of Personal information

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Ethics Web

Children's Internet Safety

Children’s Internet Protection Act

Internet Safety for Kids

Government Publications

The Wise Kids website

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