Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 6 of CED 525

This was our last week of CED 525. For our final project we needed to revise a lesson utilizing some of the strategies that we learned. I found this very beneficial. I wish that I had time to go through all of my lessons and reevaluate how they can be enhanced with the use of technology.

The lesson that I chose to revise was unit 5 - on energy, heat, and energy efficiency. You can take a look at the modifications that I made by checking out my presentation.

Here is how I feel my modifications will change the outcome of the lesson:

  • The objectives for the unit will remain the same but I am hoping that the students will have a more robust understanding of the concepts based on their experiences. 
    • My unit revision will increase student comprehension due to better questioning strategies (smart response system and advanced organizers) and lab experiences (Vernier labquests)
    • My unit revision will improve the quality of student work due to a refined rubric, self-evaluation, and peer review (google forms and google presentation)
    • My unit revision will provide a more robust understanding of the concepts created by the   application of the concepts (house project) and the challenging nature of the material (new test)

I hope to continue to use my experiences in CED 525 to successfully modify other lessons.

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