Sunday, May 8, 2011

CED 530 - Week 1

This class is all about digital story telling. We will learn how to create captivating stories and presentations using digital media. I am really looking forward to this class because it sounds like we will be able to create personal stories and presentations using our own media. I find this exciting because of the creativity that this type of project provides.

One of the assignments that I will be doing for this class is taking a picture every day and posting it on This is a really neat way to blog and share a piece of your day to day life with others. I actually shared my posterous site with family members so that they can see what I am up to. They love seeing pictures of my son.

I am excited to see what the other kinds of projects we will be doing in this class. I am hoping that this class will motivate me to learn more about my digital camera and photo editing software. I can already feel the creative juices flowing.


  1. Carl---

    I too share your enthusiasm for this class. I think it will be a different type of class that will educate us in very important content (presentation abilities). I also like the way that you referenced how nice it is (posterous) for relatives to view pictures of our ever-changing children. Do you feel like this resource is something that you would use even after the class ends?

  2. I am hoping that this class will have us learn an effective way to get our students to want to learn by drawing them into a story about our topic. I guess I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Carl,
    I agree that this class will be a lot of fun and allow us to be more creative with some limitations. I think that the assignment will be fun, but sometimes I over think it and worry about what we will be using the pictures for instead of just taking them. :) I look forward to seeing everyone's creative work throughout this class.

  4. I think everyone will shine in some way in this class

  5. I like the mysterious nature of the posterous project - taking a series of pictures and knowing we are going to do something with them, just not knowing what the final project will be. It's an interesting way to draw students into an assignment in a world where many kids just want to be spoon fed the right answer. Would you agree?

  6. I have shared my posterous site with friends and family also. I don't have a child for them to follow, but they are enjoying my humor with my gnome. I agree that in general, posterous is a great way, and an easy way, to blog.