Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 1 of CEdO565 - Leadership and Planning

This was the first week of CED 565 leadership and planning. This week's blog is supposed to focus on how I currently lead in my school. My leadership within my school district has evolved quite a bit over the last 3 years. I am a member of the TILT (Technology Integration Leadership Team) and the RTI (Response To Intervention) team. Next year, I will be piloting a flipped chemistry class. I am also the Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach.

The TILT team is managed by our technology coordinator. It consists of a collection of teachers that utilize technology within their classrooms. We discuss professional blogs and readings, share resources, pilot new tools, and provide assistance with technology implementation and problems. We meet for six half day sessions and several after school sessions.

The RTI team has a large impact on the day to day functions of our school. We make decisions about how our school is meeting the RTI requirement. We have initiated a resource time that has resulted in schedule changes and new teacher roles. We meet once a month to discuss the implementation of our program. I then lead my smaller RTI team group once a month to set goals and changes. I also attend the RTI CESA 1 sessions that focus on how to implement RTI.

The piloting of my flipped classroom has allowed me to demonstrate the skills that I have obtained from this cohort. The setup and preparation of this pilot has required a lot of research and collaboration with leaders within my school district. I am very excited to be one of two teachers that will be teaching online courses next year. I believe that this pilot is the best way for me to provide the best experience for all of my students.

I feel like coaching is a leadership position because of the large personal impact that it can have on students. This is my fourth year coaching and I feel like it has truly allowed me to connect to the students in our school and has also helped me become a stronger teacher.


  1. It sounds like you already play a number of leadership roles within your school! I certainly agree that coaching is also a leadership position. In fact most leaders need to be coaches at times, trying to help people improve their performance. Just like when you are working with a team, you need to help other people see what they can do to be more effective in their role. This includes other teachers, students, and administration.

  2. In addition to coaching kids, do you also act as a peer coach when the situation presents itself? I know some don't like others "butting in", but some welcome the ideas. I attempt this at my school, and have received mixed results.

  3. I like that you are provided time during the school day for your TILT team! It is very valuable and can improve technology use in any building.
    The Flipped Classroom is also something I have been toying with lately. My 6th grade students seem to do a good job with it in small doses. Our Pre-Algebra students use the ALEKS math program. It provides an online platform for learning math. We have individualized student instruction so that at times their learning resembles a Flipped model.

  4. If a coach isn't a leader, I don't know who is! You are involved in management, planning, and implementation for a group of people. You have a very powerful role. After you test the flipped classroom environment, will you be involved with training others on the concept? That is an incredible teacher leader role to be in.