Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 2 of CED 565

This week was all about using the WINSS site to obtain data about schools and their performance. This was not the most intriguing topic for me. I did not really feel connected to the data and was somewhat uninterested with the process. I tend to do better with numbers when I collect the data and have a purpose to analyze the results.

I was however somewhat interested in how my school district performed. It will be interesting to reference this site in the futre as we begin the implementation of RTI. I am curious to see if we will be able to distinguish a noticeable difference before RTI and after a couple years of successful implementation.

It will also be interesting to examine trends with administration changes. We have had a lot of administration changes within the last five years. I would imagine that this would affect a districts ability to achieve any goals since the focus of the goals may change with the administration.

Overall, I examined my schools performance and was able to compare it to other districts. I did not notice any huge red flags from the data, but I am not entirely sure what I should be looking for either. I can see how this information could be useful for families when they are choosing a location to purchase a home in.

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  1. I echo your remarks regarding how interesting it will be after implementing RtI and other district changes that have been occurring year after year. It is hard to gauge what controls data results, when there are no constants: technology implementation, resource access, teacher time/responsibility constraints, student learning/disabilities of population flux, etc. We hear a lot of value in 21st century change, but when are some things going to settle to tweak here and there? :)