Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 2 of CED530

What way can you use digital stories in what you do?

I can envision using digital stories as a method of researching and presenting information. I could also using digital storytelling as a way for students to present their lab reports. Both of these options allow the students to creatively share their knowledge with their classmates. This is a great alternative to direct instruction. It allows the students to learn the material on their own and present it in a method that they enjoy. This provides a real ownership of the concepts for the students.

I may consider having the students do a blog like posterous for lab write ups. The students could take a picture and describe what they learned in their lab. I could also use voicethread to have students present information about the history of the atom, renewable energy and energy efficient house design, and maglev tains. I have enjoyed digital storytelling and I hope to incorporate this method into my lessons.


  1. Carl---

    I too enjoyed working with Voice thread, and think the kids will to. I was intrigued by your idea to use posterous for your students' lab reports. I think it would be interesting to have your students provide a picture with a lot of detail on posterous, then give an informative, yet concise presentation on the content using Voicethread.

  2. Carl, I too liked the idea of using Posterous for students' lab reports. Would you use this as an assessment or just consider it a lab grade??

  3. I like your ideas for incorporating some of the tech tools we've been exploring with your students. Do you have any concerns about posting student comments/work in a public forum like Posterous or VoiceThread?