Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 1 of CED 540

This was our first week of CEDO 540, Data Analysis and Interpretation. The course title is a non-threatening way of saying Statistics.

This week we watched a video that introduces statistics, it's use, and importance. We watched this video on statistics and we needed to determine the problem, they type of data that was collected, the conclusion, and the type of research that was done. You can find our group's results here. This video did a nice job of explaining how statistics are used and how it relates to our everyday life. I felt like this also related to my area of science. They really followed the scientific method, and used statistics to determine their results. This is something that I feel pretty comfortable with since I am a science teacher and have used statistics in the past for my own research.

We also needed to complete a worksheet based on the powerpoint that we went through in class. Even though this class feels a lot different than our others, I feel like it will be beneficial. I hope to relate this information to my own class through the analysis of student data, and the interpretation of data that we collect from student labs.

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  1. This class does have a different feel than our other classes, but I feel like we use statistics all the time we just don't name the data stats. This might be a bit premature but can you think of some ways that you might use stats with your students? Currently I tend to think of stats more as the data that I collect, but I hoping that will change as we go through this class.