Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 5 of CED 530

This week we looked at measuring/evaluating presentations, hardware and software. We also completed our Pecha Kucha.

One of our assignments was to make a rubric that could be used to evaluate a multimedia presentation. This is a good assignment because I will be able to utilize this rubric with my own students next year. I will probably utilize rubistar to make this since, I have used this program in a previous class.

Our other large assignment is a group paper. My group will be evaluating 280 Slides, authorStream, and SlideSix. I have used 280 slides before. I really liked its easy user interface and media options. The media tool was nice because it searches the web and youtube without having to open a new window. I look forward to evaluating authorstream and slidesix.

Our last assignment was to complete our Pecha Kucha. I plan on using voicethread to do this because I think it is really easy to use. Completing this assignment should be pretty easy since we had to create the storyboard. I had a lot of difficulty creating the storyboard, but I definatley see its value. I think that this would be an important step to include for a student project. It creates an important checkpoint and it really helps organize your thoughts.

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  1. I found the storyboard to take longer than expected as well, but definitely advantageous when creating my Pecha Kucha. I couldn't imagine trying to create one without a storyboard. Perhaps after creating several Pecha Kuchas it would be easier.

    I also used Rubistar. It's a great tool for creating rubrics! Why reinvent the wheel?