Sunday, June 5, 2011

CED 530 Week 4

This week we continued to read Presentation Zen and Digitales, we explored Prezi, and we needed to make our storyboard for our Pecha Kucha.

The readings have been going well thus far. The material is very easy to read and it is very logical. I like that the Presentation Zen book provides pictures that illustrate the concepts that he is talking about. I really have liked the ideas that have been included into the books, but I am still having trouble implementing them within the classroom. My biggest concern comes with note taking. My question is, if I remove the majority of the text from my presentation, how will this affect student comprehension? I know that we can provide handouts with the material but then the students are not going to write down information or pay attention during the presentation. I suppose one possibility would be doing a cloze style type of notes (fill in the blanks). This would take me a while to create and I have already redone my notes several times.

Prezi is a really great tool that I would like to start utilizing within my classroom. It allows the presenter to really outline his/her topic and transition through ideas in a very unique way. We had to create a prezi that describes the pictures we have been taking and why we consider them to be quality pictures. I embeded my prezi below. I hope to have students utilize this as a presentation tool in the future.

The last thing that we worked on this week was our storyboard for our Pecha Kucha. I am having difficulty choosing a topic for this presentation. I like the idea of the Pecha Kucha and I will do my best to abide by the 20 seconds for 20 slides format. Once I pick a topic, I am sure that completing the storyboard will help me do my final Pecha Kucha.


  1. Carl---

    I share similar concerns with figuring out how to present to students without making them do nothing. I think a fill-in the blank idea is good, but I would make sure they write a little bit more than with a typical fill-in the blank format. Maybe something similar to a short answer response would be more appropriate for retention. I also found Prezi interesting, and I was wondering how you were planning to use it in the classroom setting? What type of assignments do you think they would work well on?

  2. Carl-I too feel that the readings have been fairly easy and logical. It's nice to read something and be able to relate to it directly. I've done the fill in the blank note taking process with my students and it works well, but I do find that my students have a hard time understanding the whole process. There is a teacher in our building that gives the notes as an outline rather than the slide format and she says that the students respond better to it. This way it's in a sentence format (she takes what she says and puts it in the outline and they fill in blanks as she goes) and they like that it's more like a "story" per say.

  3. Awesome Prezi! Carl, how are you going to implement Prezi in the classroom due to it needing an email signup and the export format is not something that is cross platform compatible? I loved your use of Prezi, but I need to have some ideas about how the nuts and bolts of Prezi access are worked out in order to have my students use it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!